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Vacuum Tubing, Fittings, and Pipe for Industrial Central Vacuums and Pneumatic Conveying systems

Tube, fittings and pipe. Size 1.5" to 14". 
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Vacuum pipe tube and fittings and vacuum tubing and fittings.
Vacuum pipe tube and fittings and vacuum tubing and fittings.

Process Equipment offers tubing and fittings for conveying networks for vacuum systems.  They may be specified as either tubing (light wall, O.D.), or as piping (heavy wall, I.D.) depending on the application.

Generally, multi-operator systems are installed light wall tubing, and loading systems are installed with piping, but abrasive products will certainly require a heavy wall network.

Available in carbon steel, painted steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and stainless steel


Pipe and Tubing Lengths

Piping  ( I.D.) Schedule 10, 40 and 80
Tubing (O.D.) from 16 Ga. to 11 Ga.

Long Radius Bends

Bends custom bent in many radius dimensions in both pipe and tube

Standard Elbows

Short radius bends in light wall only
Available in "expanded end" and "plain end"

TYs & YLs

TY's and Y's available in light wall only
Laterals (Utility Y's) light wall and heavy wall

Special Adapters

Inlet Valves, Adapters, Reducers, and Cleanouts
Available in light wall and Heavy Wall

Pipe Couplings

Slip Couplings and shrink sleeves for light wall
Compression couplings for heavy wall systems

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