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Pre-Top Hat Separators and Bulk Vacuum Hoppers for Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

Increase the storage capacity of your central vacuum with a Top Hat Separator. 
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These  vacuum cyclone separators intercept material before it gets to the filtration system.  Capacities to 3 cubic yards, 28" Hg. vacuum.

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Hopper Thm
Sealed Hoppers

cu. yd.   $1,995
1.0 cu. yd. $2,295
1.5 cu. yd. $2,795
2.0 cu. yd. $3,395

hose extra.

Please allow 6 weeks fabrication time.

Bulk Hopper High Vacuum Series

In-line material collection hoppers roll forward and self unload. 

Fabricated of 1/4" plate steel and designed for severe, industrial use.

Standard features:

   Stiffened to withstand 20" Hg.
   Internal baffle plate
   Roll forward safety chain
   painted safety yellow


    Chip screen and drain valve $120
   6" heavy duty casters $195
   Galvanizing $800

Top Hat Thm
TOP HAT Separator

in Steel   $725

Drum not included
Connection hose
and dolly extra

Top Hat Dry Only Drum Filler

Turn any 55 Gallon drum into a cyclone separator.  Capture 85% of fines before they get to your filters.

Fabricated of 12 Ga. painted steel or 11 Ga. aluminum. 


    Inlet wearplate $125
   Drum Dolly $375
   Drum $200
Please specify inlet and outlet hose connection size at time of order.

X-Fer Lid Thm
Transfer Lid Separator

in Steel   $350

Connection hose extra
Drum not included

Drum Transfer Lid for Wet or Dry

Load material directly into standard drums.

Not as efficient as the Top Hat, above.  Used mostly for wet pickup (optional drain valve shown).

Fabricated of 12 Ga. painted steel or 11 Ga. aluminum.


    Float shut-off valve $375
   Drum Dolly $375

Wet Separator Thm
WET Separator

in Steel   $550
in 304 SS


Wet Separator

Intended for use with liquids only.  15 US Gallons.

Comes complete with float valve shut-off, drain valve, and cart assembly as shown.

Fabricated in painted steel or polished 304 stainless steel.

Connection hose extra

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