Central vacuum systems, industrial vacuums, and dust collectors by Processing Equipment, Inc.

Vacuum Hose,  Tools, and Attachments for all Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

For all Central Vacuums size 1.5" to 8". 
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Process Equipment offers a complete line of hose, tools and accessory items for all vacuum cleaning systems.  All items are designed for industrial duty, yet designed with long term operator comfort and safety in mind.

Hose and Tool Kits

1.5" and 2" Hose and Tool Kits


Pre-Separators and Collection Hoppers

Adapters and Special Fittings

Vacuum Hose

1.25" to 8" standard & grounded

1.5" Attachments

Operator Handles

Floor Tools

Overhead Tools

Hand Tools

2.0" Attachments

Operator Handles

Floor Tools

Overhead Tools (adapt down to 1-1/2")

Hand Tools

2.5"+ Attachments

2.5" to 8.0" handles and tools

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