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1-1/2" Hand Tools

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These tools slip fit onto hose end

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6” Wide Hand Tool with Brush:

Cast aluminum brush with no tools removable bristle insert.


800024 800022

3” Round Dust Brush: 
5” Round Dust Brush:

Cast aluminum brush with stiff bristles for loosening debris.



800035 800104

12” Plastic Crevice Tool: 
28” Plastic Crevice Tool:

$16.48 $26.23


12” Aluminum Crevice Tool: 



17” Machine Cleaning Tool:

Rubber flexible nozzle tapered to ” for cleaning in tight places. Recommended for electrical equipment, core boxes, and places where a rigid tool is not suitable.



10” Blowing Nozzle:

Provides high velocity air stream for blowing loose debris in tight places. Can also be used with vacuum.



36” Bulk Cleaning Tube:

For sump cleaning and handling of bulk material. See also Utility Tool. 16 Ga. aluminum.



36” Bulk Cleaning Tube with Breather:

Designed with an air breather tube to allow tool end to be submerged in bulk dry material or liquid. Painted Steel.


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