1. XL Series Slide Gate Operators

Our gate operators come in three types for 115/208-230V single phase or 208-230/460V three phase electrical power. They have safe 24 VAC controls. Our hydraulic systems are self-contained. Gate  is controlled by NEMA 4 proximity switches. Operators convert from right- to left-hand operation with simple toggle switches -no hose or limit switch swapping is required.

Sales Brochure:
XL series operators.pdf

XL Slide Gate Operators:
Isometric of XL operator installation.pdf
Typical installation - XL,XLH, XLS. XLB, XLR.pdf
Typical installation - XLD.pdf
Typical installation - XLT.pdf
Wire run requirements.pdf
XL Basic assembly.pdf
XL Hydraulic Circuit.pdf
XL Safety layout - typical.pdf
XLB Auxillary control cubicle.pdf
XLB Mounting detail.pdf
XLB Special battery box.pdf
XLD Basic assembly.pdf
XLR Basic assembly.pdf
XLR Drive rack.pdf
XLT Basic assembly.pdf

XL-20vp Specifications.pdf
XL-10vp Specifications.pdf
XLB-07v0 Specifications.pdf
XLB-12v0 Specifications.pdf
XLD-20vp Specifications.pdf
XLH-20vp Specifications.pdf
XLR-10vp Specifications.pdf
XLS-10vp Specifications.pdf
XLT-30v3 Specifications.pdf
xl2000 handbook rev1.pdf

XL Handbook-UL325.pdf
XL Handbook Non-UL.pdf


Technical Notes:
XL Technical sheet.pdf
XLB Technical sheet.pdf
XLH, XLD, XLT Technical sheet.pdf
XLR Technical sheet.pdf
XLS Technical sheet.pdf

Non-UL 325 Operators:
Non-UL version intermediate limit switch.pdf
Non-UL version standard 3 phase wiring.pdf
Standard 1 phase control cubicle.pdf
Non-UL version Circuit Board Assembly.pdf