Feruary 05, 2002

Airknife Application sheet
1 Company Information

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2 Part Specs
1.What is the part to be dried?
2. What are the dimensions of the part? L: W: Ht: Dia: Wt:
3. What material is the part constructed from? Plastic Glass Metal Elastomer
4. Describe the surface conditions: Smooth Textured Porous      Other:
5. Describe the surface contour: Thru Holes Blind Holes Pockets Crevices
Ribbed Protrusions Other:
6. Can a sample be provided for evaluation and testing?
Yes No
3 Conveyance
1. How is the part conveyed? Conveyor Other:
Conveyor speed: Conveyor width:
2. Conveyor type: Belt Overhead Hoist Cable
Conveyor material      Chain Mesh      Open area: %
Roller     Diameter: Pitch:
3. What is your production rate for this part? Parts per: Minute Hour Day
Batch: Batch size: Batches/hr
4. How is the part orientated on the conveyor?
5.What is the direction of travel? Horizontal Vertical
6. Does the part rotate? Yes No     RPM
7. How close can an air knife be placed to the part?

8. Are there any space limitations? Yes No

4 Performance Specs
1. Material to be removed from part? Tap water D.I. water Coolants/Lubricants
Contaminants Wash Solution Acids/Caustics Coatings
Other: Temp: %Solution
2. What level of air filtration is needed to maintain product cleanliness?
Standard 10 Micron Clean room 0.3 micron
3. How will you determine if the part is dry? None Visual
4. What level of dryness is required? 50% 90% 95% 99% Other:
5. What section of the part requires drying? Top Left side Right side Front
Back Bottom All Surfaces Other
6. What method of drying is currently used?

7. What voltage is available? V     Hz     phase      amps

8. Special Motor Considerations: Premium Efficiency (PE) Explosion Proof (XP)
Wash Down (WD) Other:
9. Is this a wash down area? Yes No
Caustic Water Only Other:
10. Plant conditions: Temp: Altitude:
Will blower be exposed to water spray? Yes No
Dirt/Debris? Yes No      Other:
11. Is noise a consideration? Yes No Acceptable decibel level (db):
50.0 Additional info
Please add any additional information 

You may print and fax this form to 859-543-8534.