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"HeavyLift" vacuum for continuous duty, industrial applications

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The HeavyLift has a reliable  design.  

HeavyLift is a work horse of a vacuum machine. Power, Filtration and portability built into one simple design.

15 to 100 Hp
Vacuum pressures to 16" Hg
Flow to 1400 ACFM
Up to +2 cuyd integrated storage 

Outperforms the competition. Operates quietly.


Is it time to step up your vacuum requirements?
Look no further than our rugged, integrated storage vacuum system. Bringing all modern features and benefits to your process. All units are available with pulse jet cleaning.

PD pumps designed for quiet, smooth, trouble free operation.
Our PD pumps can pull up to 15" to 16 " of mercury. This makes them the choice for every industrial heavy duty vacuum application where performance is the standard.

Filtration systems designed so efficiently.

Yes, our filters will perform so well, you will not have to stop your production process to clean them. We can handle the finest materials you can throw at it. With our filtration system you will enjoy a long filter life and rarely have to change the filters. All of our models are available with HEPA filtration.

How does the process work so well?

  • First, AR inlet

  • Second, a 99.8% filter

  • Third, optional safety filter.

HeavyLift is the choice when you require high performance with minimal downtime and low operational cost. It is that simple.

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