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Mist Collectors

Mist collector for cutting, grinding and milling operations generating airborne water or oil based mist.
Media Type 

1.  Primary impinger
2.  Type A4A4 aluminum mesh separator
3.  4" Tenkay poly coalescer module
4.  Hi-Flo 95 Glass pocket filter or Riga-Flo
     series GT-12-200 filter

High efficiency mist collector captures machinery mist to protect people and machines in the work area.

All units are available in various voltage and frequency combinations.  Fan and filters are factory assembled for fast connection in the field.

Long service life is assured with all mist collectors constructed from 14 gauge HRCS or heavier and powder coated surface finish inside and outside. And inlet positions can be selected in the field for installation versatility.  Furthermore, all units can be hung from ceiling or mounted on the floor.


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