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Expertly designed dust collection systems.  Dust collectors are NOT all the same.  Let our 20 years of experience help guide your equipment selection.  Call  859-543-8524 and let's talk.

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A 60,000 cfm stainless steel
cartridge collector.

Dust Collectors

Saving energy and increasing production efficiency while controlling indoor air quality is a challenging aspect of plant management.

Our collection systems have been successfully applied for more than 100 different types of dust across all manufacturing sectors.

Select from among the following dust collection equipment.

  • Baghouse type collectors use fabric media and are a popular choice
  • Cylindrical Baghouse Filters are normally specified for wood dust
  • Cartridge systems allow compact housings for many applications
  • Cyclones are usually used for coarse material
  • Filters & Accessories including replacement filters and cartridges for most brand names.  Call us for pricing!


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