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Multi Stage Centrifugals
Centrifugal Blowers and Parts
Remanufactured Hoffman® and Lamson® Blowers and Parts
Complete Line of New Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blowers and Parts. Remanufactured, new and used equipment available.

AcousticAir    Competitor® Plus™
Equalizer®         PD Plus®
PD Blowers and Vacuum Systems
Positive Displacement Blowers and Vacuum Pumps
Complete line of PD Blowers and vacuum packages from 
5 to 250 HP.
Replacement PD blowers including:
Stutorbilt, Duroflow, Cycloblower,
Roots, MD / Tuthill, Kaeser Omega
PD Blower Replacement cross reference Chart

Automated Ingredient Systems Regenerative Blowers
Single Stage and Dual Stage Models
Click on the link to view our performance curves.
Pressure or vacuum applications. Standard built in
silencers. Compare against the competition and 
discover the difference. We can cross reference
any blower.

Choice BaggingCarolina Conveying

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Air Moving Products
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Fans, Centrifugal, BI, Tubeaxial, Ventilators
Air Makeup Units, Door Heaters, Filtered Units
Gas Fired Units, Air Coolers, Mancoolers

Bunting Magnetics

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Airknife Systems
Compact and High Pressure Blowers 
Eliminate the high cost of compressed air! You can discover what water removal is all about.
Processing  has years of experience in parts drying and
water removal systems. We can design and implement
a system to suit your needs. Let us evaluate your system and submit a payback analysis for you. Start saving money today.

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